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  • Greg Manchester, Videos

    Greg Manchester’s Flea Market Ghost Box

    Greg Manchester’s Repurposed HAM Equipment for Ghost Box Use Greg Manchester has been on the leading edge of ghost box design for quite some time now. Greg is always looking for new ways to make a workable ghost box. At a recent flea market, Greg bought...
  • James Warren, Videos

    James Warren Testing SB-7 Audio Processing

    Confirmational Audio Using a P-SB7 and Signal Processing James Warren of Oregon Paranormal Pack is no stranger to ghost boxes. Recently, he decided to try to make a P-SB7 sound better. James was not only able to suppress the audible white noise additions to the P-SB7...
  • Russ Brey, Videos

    Russ Brey Using a White Box at the Family Plot

    An Attempt to Contact Loved Ones at a Family Plot Russ Brey of Briscoe Paranormal went to a cemetery family plot in an attempt to communicate with loved ones on the other side. Using Greg Manchester’s White Box, Russ was able to get some very clear...
  • Ghost Boxes, Tim Woolworth, Videos

    AGBX-3 Ghost Box Session 29apr15

    First Ghost Box Session Using the New AGBX-3 Model Ghost Box The AGBX-3 is the latest incarnation of the Andre’s Box (AGBX-3 stands for Andre’s Ghost Box) made by Andre Wullaert. This linear sweep ghost box is exceptionally compact but yet yields a nice volume....
  • Ghost Box Tech, Videos

    Andre’s Ghost Box 3 (AGBX-3) 1st Test Run

    The AGBX-3 Andre’s Ghost Box The first test run of the new AGBX-3 (Andre’s Ghost Box 3) by Andre Wullaert. This new version of the Andre’s Box incorporates some interesting features, including a tuning mechanism and a 90% mute feature. This is an exciting new...
  • Ghost Boxes, Videos

    The PRD-1000 by Chicago Spirit Wave

    The PRD-1000 Ghost Box Andrew Openlander of Chicago Spirit Wave has finally released the test video of his new ghost box, the PRD-1000. The PRD-1000 is a big step towards multi-functional ghost boxes and has been in development for months. The initial run will be limited...
  • Greg Manchester, Videos

    Greg Manchester’s White Box Session

    Greg Manchester of Talking to Spirits unveiled his latest ghost box project today – the White Box. This session speaks for itself as the communication is pretty solid. We’re pretty sure Greg’s name was said in this session too, but it wasn’t annotated. Can you find...
  • Greg Manchester, Videos

    Experimental Dual Audio Sweep Using an RS-150

    Greg Manchester of Talking to Spirits has once again attempted new forms of experimental ghost box communication. This time, he uses the standard sweep of a Radio Shack RS-150 Shack Hack Ghost Box with .mp3 files of previously recorded foreign language audio from the Shtooka Project....
  • Crossing Over, Tim Woolworth, Videos

    Minibox Plus Session: Eva, Huff, Frank, Crossing Over & More

    This Minibox Plus ghost box session was a short one at only five minutes in length. During this session, you will hear a lot of amazing spirit conversation. There is mention of running to the light and crossing over; my first and last name is...
  • Greg Manchester, Videos

    Myst Ghost Box by Greg Manchester

    Greg Manchester is at it again! He has created several ghost boxes over the last few months and Myst is his latest creation. In addition to a variable sweep, he included a microphone to pick up ambient sounds as well.
  • Greg Manchester, Videos

    Greg Manchester’s Tormaigh Box

    Greg Manchester of Talking To Spirits is putting the finishing touches on a new custom ghost box, the Tormaigh. The box sounds really good. Congratulations Greg on a job well done!
  • Crossing Over, Tim Woolworth, Videos

    Andy’s Box #81 Ghost Box Session – Crossing Over + More

    This session with Andy’s Box #81 was recorded on September 16, 2014. This ghost box session was not the clearest ghost box session I have recorded using this box type, but it had enough information gained through EVP to entice me to make a video....