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    First Radio Interview of 2016

    Mystical Awakenings Radio Interview, March 23, 2016 March 23, 2016, was the first time I was a radio guest for the year 2016.  As many of my followers know, I have been on the show Mystical Awakenings Radio on several occasions. The lovely Deb DeRousse has...
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    The Wicked Domain with Alex Matsuo

    Last Radio Show of 2015 The Wicked Domain Interviews Tim Woolworth Alex Matsuo, the host of The Wicked Domain radio show on Live Paranormal’s Radio Network, conducted a one hour interview with me on December 20, 2015. The hour went very smoothly with the exception...
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    Paranormalities & Ponderings Radio with Andre Wullaert

    New Radio Show Added! Paranormalities and Ponderings Radio with Tim Woolworth and Andre Wullaert I was invited by Frank Lee, the host of Paranormalities and Ponderings, to come back on his radio show for an interview. This time I was thrilled to be invited back because Andre...
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    New Radio Interview Added

    Mystical Awakenings Radio Interview On November 11, 2015, Tim Woolworth was interviewed on the radio show Mystical Awakenings with hosts Deb DeRousse and Debbie Marcum. As with most of my interviews, there were some technical glitches that occurred with frequency. For some reason, the control board...
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    Ghost Box 24/7: Steve’s Ghost Box Livestream

    24/7 Livestreaming Steve’s Box Ghost Box Audio This is an exciting time for sweeping radio frequency ITC. There are new ghost box models being made by several ghost box builders and new ITC applications in the works. One of the most exciting things brought into...
  • Audio, Rob Garcia

    Direct Interaction Using a P-SB7

    Rob Garcia of Elite Paranormal of Kansas City was investigating the John Wornall House with his team and recorded this direct responses using a P-SB7. In this clip, he asks Roma if she is present. The team believes the response through the Spirit Box states “Why to mock me?” This...
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    Direct Voice Telephone ITC Breakthrough

    Rob Garcia of Elite Paranormal of Kansas City was on an investigation. His team uses a remote viewer for some investigations and while he was on the cell phone with the remote viewer, this direct voice ITC breaks through the phone call and is heard in...
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    Elite Paranormal of KC P-SB7 Conversation

    Rob Garcia of Elite Paranormal of Kansas City recorded Stella Stubbs who was the wife of a Kansas Governor. This was recorded at her former home which is now a Sigma Nu fraternity house in Lawrence, Kansas.  There is direct communication here using a P-SB7.  Rob asks if she is...
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    Tim Woolworth Receives a Direct Answer

    Tim Woolworth was conducting a ghost box session using his Joe’s Box #4.  He was nine minutes into the session and wanted to see if a different box would offer better communication that night.  He asked if it was OK to use a different box...
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    Tim Woolworth Hears the Voice of Someone He Knew

    Gary Galka gave Tim Woolworth a PSB-7 to use for ghost box sessions.  During Tim’s first test of the device in June of 2011, the voice of a deceased loved one came though clearly saying “I love you,” and was followed by a male voice...
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    Curt Brahm Asks if They Can Say a Specific Name

    While at Soop Cemetery with a few other investigators, Curt asks if they can say “Lori,” or “Laura,” – the names of two of the investigators present.  Curt believes that they responded with “Lori,” at five seconds.