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Calling Earth – an ITC Documentary

A Must See Documentary

Filmmaker Dan Drasin has worked for years on a documentary entitled “Calling Earth.” The final cut of the film is now finished and it is free to view online. I have seen earlier cuts of this film and it was spectacular. Now that “Calling Earth” is finished, everyone in the paranormal field should view this film. The Documentary’s focus is upon contacting deceased individuals using electronic devices, or as we know it, ITC.

From Dan Drasin:



Calling Earth Documentary by Dan Drasin

Calling Earth probes the puzzling phenomenon of Instrumental Trans-communication — apparent messages from the “other side” received through modern electronic and photographic devices. “ITC” has been well documented by researchers at least as far back as the 1950s when tape recorders first became available to the general public and unexplained voices began to show up in people’s recordings.

When I first became aware of this research in the mid-1990s I was highly skeptical. But the accumulated evidence eventually transformed my doubts into curiosity, and in 2001 I started filming a documentary on the subject. Between 2004 and 2009 I was joined by co-producer Tim Coleman, with whom I traveled across the US and to England, Scotland and Spain, filming various facets of ITC as well as other aspects of modern afterlife research. Tim then went on to complete his own documentary, The Afterlife Investigations, while I continued to produce Calling Earth. My last excursion, in February 2014, took me to the Netherlands, where I spent a week filming an extraordinary young man whose ability to make visual ITC happen under controlled conditions is impressive to say the least.


The notion of an “other side” or an “afterlife” makes no sense from the perspective of modern materialism, just as the notion of a solar system made no sense in Medieval times when the Earth appeared to be the center of things. But our understanding of the natural world has always evolved and expanded as we’ve mustered the courage to follow the evidence where it leads.

Sometimes a simple shift of perspective is all we’ve needed to enlarge our understanding of reality and let our minds comfortably encompass things formerly deemed inexplicable or nonexistent by the academic and ideological gatekeepers of the day. Come the Renaissance, putting the Sun at the center of things transformed our view of our place in the universe. Today, the willingness to consider consciousness as primary and independent — as interactive with the brain rather than somehow being manufactured by it — seems to set the stage for welcoming many so-called paranormal phenomena into the natural order of things. From this perspective, the notion that consciousness might also interact with sensitive electronic equipment may not be as great a stretch as one might imagine.

So I invite you to have a look at the evidence presented in Calling Earth and see what you think. I hope you enjoy it and that you’ll feel free to offer your comments, questions and critiques on its Vimeo page.

You can view “Calling Earth” for free by clicking here.


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