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C.W. Leadbetter’s “The Astral Plane”

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena.

Charles Webster Leadbetter was one of the early leading members of the Theosophical Society. He wrote over seventy books and pamphlets to teach Theosophy to those that wanted to learn.

Theosophy is of particular interest to ITC because it laid out a lot of the foundational work about the other side of the veil. Leadbetter, along with H.P. Blavatsky and other influential members, channeled entire books from the other side describing the soul’s journey from the moment of death through the Lower Astral, the Astral, the Mental and Causal Planes, and beyond until reincarnation is achieved.

This particular book is Theosophy Manual 5. It focuses upon the Astral Plane, a plane we are immersed in when we die. We also have access to this plane in our dreams.

While not everyone is going to agree with what is stated in this book, you will learn something by reading it. You will also find that many of the understandings in the world of the Paranormal and ITC in general are found in this book originally written in the late nineteenth century. This third edition version is from 1900.

Take from its pages what you will.

Click here for your free download “The Astral Plane” by C.W. Leadbetter.



  1. flloydd says:

    perfect reading. perfect timing for where I am in my personal studies of all of this. When we hear knowldedgabe folks refer to things contained therein, we know what the heck theya re referring to. At least moreso now after reading it.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      I’m glad that you found this resource useful!

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