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Bradley on Communication With Spirits – 1925

Medium Dennis Bradley discusses the replication of spirit communication with non-sensitives present. He also foresees communication being as easy as listening to a radio…

The theory I had formed that practically everybody possesses the latent power of mediumship—some in a very undeveloped state and others more completely developed—was confirmed. It is as Warren Clarke says, a great and undeveloped force, the use of which a few of us are on the fringe of discovering.

The Wisdom of the Gods

The Wisdom of the Gods by H. Dennis Bradley

For the past seventy years many of the great scientists of the world have taken a medium, studied him, his methods, his powers, the phenomena produced, and so on, but none of these scientists has experimented on himself for development. Everyone should experiment. Without experiment we can learn nothing. Mediumistic powers, as Warren says, are not limited to a few extraordinary people; tens of thousands of people may possess them, but they are uncultivated, and without cultivation it is impossible for them to develop.

Communication with the spirits in their actual voices may, within this century, become as simple as the telephone or the wireless. In fact, it seems to me that it is a new and phenomenal form of wireless communication.

There can be no question that a new and inexperienced sitter does have some peculiar effect upon the communications, and sometimes a disturbing influence upon the power of communication.

That explains why, in so many cases which have been recorded in the past, when a medium is taken before a body of investigators, under test conditions, to produce the phenomena which have been proved and established with other experienced sitters, the results under new conditions are often entirely negative, or extremely poor.

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(Bradley, H. Dennis. The Wisdom of the Gods. P. 110)


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