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Bill Murphy Discusses Frank Sumption on Coast to Coast AM

Frank Sumption is remembered by his friend Bill Murphy in the first hour of Coast to Coast on 20aug14

Bill Murphy is a long-time friend of Frank Sumption. Over the years, Bill worked hard to get Frank’s Boxes out into the hands of reputable paranormal researchers on behalf of Frank. Last night, he shared some of his memories of Frank Sumption for all Coast to Coast listeners to hear.

Bill also helped direct people to the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser on gofundme.com to raise money to cover Frank’s medical bills for emergency surgery and funeral expenses. If you go to the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser on gofundme.com, you will see a very special Frank Sumption package Bill graciously donated as a prize that includes the original October 1995 Popular Electronics Magazine that inspired Frank to build the first Frank’s Box in 2002; and he has added the items that were spoke of in the article: a Raudive germanium diode, a white noise generator, and a microphone. In addition to the Popular Mechanics package, Bill has also donated a very rare DVD of the bonus material from The Stanley Effect that contains an interview he filmed with Frank Sumption.

We hope all of the readers of this post will go the Coast to Coast page and listen to the broadcast.  Bill Murphy’s slot was the first hour. He has been in the paranormal field for a long time and is quite an accomplished paranormal researcher.

Bill Murphy was instrumental in getting the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser on gofundme.com started and has been doing tireless promotion in the memory of Frank Sumption. Steve Hultay and Tim Woolworth helped round up all the donations for the Sumption family fundraiser as well.  There will be a post soon thanking all those who donated – there are so many that it would detract from the purpose of this post.

Once again, please listen to the Coast to Coast broadcast from last night, 20aug14, to hear Bill Murphy share memories of Frank Sumption and let the listeners know about the Frank Sumption Memorial Fundraiser on gofundme.com.

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