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ATransC on the Afterlife, Techs, and Religion

Could our “Techs,” be the ones spoken of here…

“Those on the other side have told us that there is no hell and that there is no one that will judge another person’s life. The individual entity will do the judging of the life it has led. There is constant progression and learning, not only here but in the next dimension as well. If the life was not what the entity wished it had led, it will be able to make up for it and learn from past mistakes. The only possibility of hell is if we should create it for ourselves. Thought creates reality in this world and even more quickly in the next. Our spirit communicators have also told us that many on their side try to reach these “stuck” individuals, but that they are often vibrating at a level closer to our own and are difficult for them to reach. It is the people still living in the physical, they say, who have a better chance of reaching many of those who are stuck close to the Earth Plane.”

(Tom and Lisa Butler, There is No Death And There Are No Dead, p107)


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