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Andy’s Box Model E Ghost Box – Crossing Over Audio

My first session with a new Andy’s Box Model E (echo) ghost box from Chicago Spirit Wave. This session had non-stop ITC voices that spoke of radio signal as a carrier and contains full audio of a crossing over session into the light using Tom the Tech. Astounding communication.



  1. Debbie A. Holmes says:

    You call the box Andy’s Box. Who is Andy and what is his last namw?

  2. Kaz Maree says:

    Was it the Antenna that produced that sound? My E model has the standard cord antenna there also appeared to be no echo did you turn it off or did the antenna effect that also?

    1. ITC Voices says:

      That antenna is simply a box of crystals that connects to the antenna input. There is a ton of echo in the session so I am not quite sure what you’re referring to. The Model E I have is echo only, no shut off, and to my ears, the echo is very apparent.

  3. Adriana says:

    At 5:11-5:13 “Help all the people who visit”. The exact scanning speed is not mentioned for this device or session, but even at a moderate speed, this tidbit of communication spans a double digit number of frequencies guaranteed. And every word is being said in the same voice -, an electronic, non-human one at that. (In some communications there is what I would call opportunistic patchworking of different male and female human and non-human voices, with the implication that conveying the message is prioritized over a “pretty” delivery – but in this example, the delivery is beautiful). I love the fact that the voice is singing/chanting, indicative of well-used FM sound material – good job to whoever on the other side was able to transmit this. I prefer FM to AM myself, as the resulting communication is much more difficult to discount as coincidental (lol!) radio broadcast signal when the voices are clearly enunciating phrases in the English language, and clearly non-human sounding, and clearly spanning in length across several frequencies! Logic clearly tells one something anomalous is going on, no matter how much one’s prejudice wants to remain in denial. In my opinion, this is an ideal example of ghost box communication. Astounding for sure.

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