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Andy’s Box #81 Ghost Box Session – Crossing Over + More

This session with Andy’s Box #81 was recorded on September 16, 2014. This ghost box session was not the clearest ghost box session I have recorded using this box type, but it had enough information gained through EVP to entice me to make a video. There were numerous references to the “light,” and many calls for “help.” There were also references to the “man,” which is the first time I have recorded this reference. I wonder who the “man” is. More importantly, they reference Frank (Sumption) and his nickname (Purple) – and there was a crossing over session once again using Techs.



  1. R.M. says:

    Hey Tim! great vid.I listened to it quite a few times, always interesting particularly with your sessions that its as busy as an “airport terminal”( for want of a better expression).

    It always seems to me that some voices adddress the box and you and particular(most likely those youve spoken to previosly and/ or Techs, others seem to be talking amongst themselves or talking ‘at’ this open line of communication.

    It occured to me you may be ‘that man’
    2.55- Tim is calling
    2.57- the mans here

    (unrelated) also the comment

    4.07- slow it down ,we tell you(referring to sweep rate?Evene though i realise a lot of these are too hard to decifer in RT and the voices come piled on top of one another)

    and i laughed at “you’re not listening Tim” as you were trying to end the session and say goodbye.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you for watching RM. I am not sure that I am the “man,” they are referring to since they have never called me that before (but they have mentioned “human,” on several occasions). There were so many communications it kind of was like an airport terminal. 🙂 With this box, hearing in RT is next to impossible (for now), but the communication is there so I usually just shut up and let it happen unless I hear calls for help. They may have been referring to the sweep rate or how many were trying to talk at once (I often ask them to talk one at a time please) – who knows? It’s a big mystery, I’m just glad that they continue to come visit whenever I turn the box on.

  2. Ed says:

    man, the echo makes it tough.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      I agree Ed, I wish that there were echo controls on the box. It takes a helluva lot to sit through a session and notate the sessions with these boxes – about an hour per 30 seconds of audio. I can’t hear much in real time with these boxes, but the communication is certainly there in spades if you can sit through the audio extraction process. I think the combination of the echo and the external microphone allows for these voices to come through they way that they do in these boxes. There are so many communications – and I don’t think that these would be possible without the echo.

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