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An Explanation of Ghost Box Communication

Ghost Box Communication Explained

by Bruce Halliday

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LSC (Live SpiritCommunication) is the practice of using a device known as a “Box” or “Ghost Box” to facilitate real time, Live Spirit Communication between the researcher and a non physical entity, presumably the spirits of disembodied human beings.

The “Box” is merely a device that enables the reception of radio signals and dices them up into small bits and pieces or fragments of sound by sweeping the chosen band at a fast enough rate so that the dial does not stop on any one station.

This prevents ghost boxes from delivering any whole or solid words of radio broadcast. This broken down signal is in turn broadcast through the boxes speaker thereby allowing the entity to use the fragments of sound for the purpous of communication enabling him or her to be heard live by the researcher as they communicate and also to have the communication not being heard live to be recorded by the communicator performing the session.

The theory is that an entity will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences. Through years of research I have come to a theory that the communication is formed as the sound leaves the speaker or the headphones respectively. That is what allows us to hear the responses in real time.

LSC/Ghost box communication should never be mistaken for traditional EVP is very simple in theory it only incorporates a recorder and a willing spirit. The theory is that the spirit uses the raw energy in the surrounding area of the recorder to form words and place them directly onto the recording media. I did traditional EVP in the field for 8 years and only gleaned about ten quality A+ EVP’s the rest were static whispers that had to be edited to death just to hear if there was something there.

With LSC there is some editing to be done but it all revolves around getting rid of the unwanted garbage sounds that are not utilized by the communicating entity and are merely a byproduct of the boxes sweep thus leaving only the communication, some files of communication may also have the playback speed slowed a bit due to the affect that a fast box sweep will deliver rapid communication that may be hard to understand by the laymen listening to the file, the volume can also be altered to a certain degree so that a very low communication or the opposite, a very loud communication can be adjusted to a comfortable listening level. This process does not alter, add or subtract anything to or from the spirit communication contained within the file.

With the boxes I personally am averaging about 25 to 30% hearing of real time messages, the rest are heard when reviewing the recording.

A Ghost box sweeps at a fast rate so it takes time to develop a skill for hearing the real time communication the novice will immediately start to hear the “yes” and “no” type of answers and even a “name” as the entities attempt to communicate.

New communicators do not hear much in real time at the beginning, hearing spirit communication live during a ghost box session takes some experience, there is a learning and development curve.

Most if not all new Ghost Box Communicators will have to develop what we experienced LSC veterans call “An Ear For the communication” this means only that the longer you practice LSC the more attuned your hearing will become to recognizing and hearing spirit communication live during a session. It is like a piano tuner, an apprentice will have to tune the piano using aids like a tuning fork but the seasoned piano tuner will be able to basically tune by ear just listening to the notes and knowing when they are correct. Same principle!

Box communication is ideal for both stationary research performed in a controlled environment and also field research conducted by Paranormal investigators on location.

There are a number of various boxes in use today, these boxes include of course the various radio shack and other hack boxes the paranormal puck and various models of the Mini Boxes also periodically an original Frank’s or Joe’s Box.

I would like to clear up a misnomer: quite a few individuals that become interested in the field of LSC are mistakenly calling Ghost boxes “Frank’s Boxes” The Frank’s Box was the original model of ghost box and there is only 13 individuals in the world that own them of which I have 2, they are antiquated and obsolete. The boxes that these new individuals are referring to are hack boxes and they are mistakenly calling them a Frank’s box. Just wanted to clear that up!

Most of these boxes are not being used by the majority of paranormal investigators and researchers, the older boxes such as the original Frank’s box and the Joe’s box are antiquated and are only used sporadically by a couple of researchers that are doing controlled research myself included.

The main boxes in use today are a couple of the hack boxes, of course the original hack box invented by Mr. Bill Chappell also creator of the Paranormal puck and Ovilus, the “Radio Shack 12-469” which was readily available to most until Radio Shack discontinued it recently. And now the “Jensen SAB-55” seems to have taken the place of the RS 12-469 as the popular go to box for most communicators and investigators today.

There are a couple of more popular hacks being used such as the Radio Shack hack 20-125 which was my box of choice before I created the Jensen SAB-55, the 20-125 sadly has also been put on the chopping block by Radio Shack. There have been a couple of other RS hacks recently but they have not caught on do to inherent flaws of lack of performance.

This information is the meat and potatoes of LSC/Ghost Box Communication please feel free to use any or all the information, my main goal in this field is to further the communication between our world and our friends in the spirit world and to distribute correct and positive information about the communication and its technology.



  1. Mathew Bailey says:

    For anyone who has a ghost box,could you do the following interviews?-Crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald that sank on November 10 in 1975 on Lake Superior & the people who died inside the World Trade Center towers on September 11,2001 the instant each of the two buildings collapsed.

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