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Amazing Deal on XParanormal Spirit Radio

October Anniversary Deal, 55% Off!

Here at ITC Voices we like to give occasional recommendations of ITC products created for research.

As you have most likely seen, there has been an influx of new ITC software over the last couple years. One of the leaders of this new-wave of ITC software has been eXtreme Senses. Over the last year, eXtreme Senses has released software that has been demonstrated to work time and again for ITC researchers.

The software that put eXtreme Senses on the map, XParanormal Spirit Radio was the first live IP scanning software available and it was release in October, 2014, months before its imitators. XParanormal Spirit Radio uses strictly live IP audio with no pre-programmed audio selections unlike some other software imitators currently on the market.

It is also affordable enough to be a part of every ITC researchers kit at only $20 – less than half the price of the imitation software. This month only, until Halloween 2015, the good people at eXtreme Senses have decided to offer a one year anniversary deal selling the software for only $8.98!

Please note, this is Windows Software only. You can download a demo version to run the software for yourself for free to see if this software is something you may be interested in.

eXtreme Senses XParanormal Spirit Radio Sale

eXtreme Senses XParanormal Spirit Radio Sale, 10/15

The XParanormal Spirit Radio allows for the scanning of 20 live IP radio stations. In addition to this, the software allows for users to upload their own scannable audio banks for places where internet access is limited or non-existent. Plus there is a handful of other features like effects, mutes, flexible sweep rates, et cetera.

You can click here to learn more.

While I personally have not used it yet, I have viewed videos produced by ITC colleagues using the PhasmaBox Software as well and the results have been nothing short of impressive. I suggest you look into that software by searching it online if you haven’t heard of it yet.

Here is a breakdown of the ITC software produced by eXtreme Senses:

eXtreme Senses Software Comparison

eXtreme Senses Software Comparison

Once again, the XParanormal Spirit Radio is only $8.98 this month. At this price, it is a must-have for every ITC researcher.


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