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Alison Ellis’ Water ITC Cat Image Capture

Misty the Cat Comes Through Water ITC After Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Alison Ellis has been practicing moving water ITC for some time now and wanted to share this image with the ITC Voices community. There have often been questions whether pets can visit from the other side of the veil. Alison believes this can and does happen and that this image is possible proof of contact from a beloved pet. With these images, she hopes to bring comfort to others reading this post that our loved ones, both pets and people, are making contact from the other side.

Here is the story in her words:

I have friends who had 3 cats, 2 British Blue and an elderly Persian called Misty. Whenever they go on holiday, I always look after their cats for them (I love cats and have worked in cat rescue for 20+ years, I have 2 rescues of my own). Over the years, I have grown very fond of their cats so it was very upsetting when last month, they rang me 4 days before they were due to go away to tell me that Misty had collapsed in the early hours of the morning. They rushed her to the emergency vet but he had to put her to sleep.

On the day they had left for their holiday I went to their house to feed and sit with the 2 remaining cats. While I was there, I remembered I had my camera in my bag so decided to try a small experiment. In their kitchen they have a steel sink, which I thought was good as I use a steel bowl for my ITC images. I filled the sink with about 5 inches of water and gently rippled the water with my hand as I took a few images. This is just the method I use at home with my bowl but on a slightly larger scale. As I did this, I spoke to Misty and told her that I missed her and how sorry I was that she had gone.

When I got home, I reviewed the photos and the attached images are what I found. The first photo is an actual picture I took of Misty last year (just for comparison). The second image is the original ITC photo – the dark area on the right is the plug in the sink – you should be able to see Misty beginning to form in the main body of the sink. The final image is where I have darkened the image a little so that she can be seen more clearly. I am certain that this was Misty coming to me to say goodbye.

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The final image does have quite the resemblance to a Persian cat. Alison believes that Misty came through from the other side. Do you?


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