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AGBX-3 Ghost Box Session 29apr15

First Ghost Box Session Using the New AGBX-3 Model Ghost Box

The AGBX-3 is the latest incarnation of the Andre’s Box (AGBX-3 stands for Andre’s Ghost Box) made by Andre Wullaert. This linear sweep ghost box is exceptionally compact but yet yields a nice volume. The communication is fairly clear and I highly recommend the AGBX-3 for ghost boxers to use. The controls on the box are simple: volume, tuning/detuning of incoming signal, and sweep rate. There is also a mute function that effectively curtails the signal by about 90% for instances where you may be inclined to ask a question. The AGBX-3 is available directly from Andre. Visit the Andre’s Ghost Boxes page on Facebook for more information.


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