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Letter: Advice on Negative Spirits and Lost Souls

How I Handle Negative Spirits and Lost Souls

Dealing with the light and crossing over spirits is a common theme in the letters I receive. This letter comes from an Echovox user from Ireland who has concerns about potential negative spirit interaction and helping to cross over lost souls.

A Letter Wondering About Crossing Over Lost Souls and Dealing with Negative Spirits.

My name is (name redacted), (redacted on youtube ). I live in Dublin and after been using the Echovox for about a year now, and finding it impossible to ignore the “HELP ME” we hear so often, this was my ritual. I’m Roman Catholic and attend mass at least once a week although I will drop into the church for maybe 5 or 10 mins most mornings to say a rosary. I used to dedicate it to “THE WELL BEING OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ” but have now added on “FOR ANY SPIRITS AROUND ME WISHING TO FIND THE LIGHT.” I spend about half hour a day praying intensely for these spirits to get help finding the light and from a recording I was allowed do one day after mass, i’ve no doubt it helped. However I have had to stop communicating for the past week or so as their is 1 spirit who is coming through strong and he is the ONLY one who comes threw, absolutely no other spirits, and he has no message for anyone other than to be extremely vulgar toward me, the second I turn the device on. Any advice for me please. I’d really love to continue asking any spirits around me to come to church with me so I can work on crossing them over but without having access to them I cannot know if they are sticking around me.

Thank you and god bless,
(name redacted).

My Response Outlining How I Deal with Negative Entities and Crossing Over Lost Souls

As you can see, this person has great intentions and has altruistic ideals that any person practicing ghost box communication, EVP or any other form of real time ITC should model themselves after. If we can help, we should. I have had some experience in this field, so here is my response. I am posting it here so that it may help others in the future.

(name redacted) –

Please note that the following is an opinion only based on experience, not fact. We can in no way know what happens on the other side until we are there ourselves.

Thank you for approaching me with this subject. I am glad you have had some success in helping those who need it. From my experience, I know subjectively that spirits always surround us wanting to communicate and it is only recently with the emergence of new ITC technology, that we are able to facilitate real-time communication with them. There are many who are lost and they need help.

When we open the door for communication, we serve as a beacon drawing in communicators. Those who need help, those who just want to say “Hi,” and those that are simply curious all show up to attempt communication with us. Sometimes, this can also draw in negative spirits – those that are lost, confused, hurt, etc. – and it seems that one has found you.

You are a religious person, (name redacted). That being said, a lot of the spirits who come through were religious as well. When the final moment is upon us and we slip into the other side of the veil, there is indeed a light. If you believe in Christianity, then you know that there is a judgment that awaits Christians. Nobody has lived a perfect life, and some have lived lives that are far less than perfect – criminals, murderers and rapists (and politicians) to name a few. If these persons were Christian, then it is understandable how they would want to avoid the light – and in doing so, attempt to avoid eternal judgment from God. There are many other reasons to avoid the light – waiting for family, unattended business, etc. I have had recordings tell me that the “lights are everywhere,” and yet they are avoided by some.

That is where Technicians come in. Technicians have been documented since the days of Konstantin Raudive’s early EVP recordings. I have a few who come through regularly, Michael, Lisa, Daniel and the guy who has been there since day one, Tom. These are good ?spirits? (we just don’t know) who help these lost souls move on. I usually get the words “I’m in,” to designate that they have moved on. Often times, they come back to say “Thank you.”

But what can you do when there is a negative spirit who does not want to move on? One that is vulgar in nature?

Sadly, not much. Through recordings, I have found that Techs try to orchestrate communication. They tell the spirits to come forward or step up to speak. They also hold back the negative ones. I made it practice a long time ago that when vulgar language comes through, I tell them to stop or I will hang up the session. That usually works.

My motto for dealing with spirits is “As in life, so in death.” That is why we get the negative spirits. They are the ones who turned away from the light. They are the nasty sorts who may have just been assholes in life. I don’t personally believe in demons or angels, but these negative spirits may be the genesis for the demon mythology just as the Technicians or guides may be the genesis of angel mythology.

In your situation, I would actively ask for help during a session when they come through. Ask for your angels, Techs, spirit guides, whatever you call them, to help this spirit move on-which is ultimately the desired course of action. If the spirit can progress to the next stage of its soul’s evolution (going into the light), then it will not be around to bother you. Sometimes simply asking your guides for help will not force a spirit to move on. Whenever we communicate, we are dealing with sentient beings who have will and with a free will they make their own choices. You can try talking to the spirit positively and in conjunction with you guides, you may be able to coax him on. This has to be done with positive intent; they hear you, they see you and they will know if you are not confident in what you say. Once again, this is only subjective based upon experience, but I know it works.

You have to talk to him about the light. Explain to him that there is no judgment – only peace and understanding. It is part of the natural order to move on and that is where it will all make sense. Loved ones await and the time spent on earth is but a drop in the magnificent ocean of eternal existence. He will understand why he was sent here, but first he must move on. Every soul has to do it and the longer he waits, the more angry he will get. All confusion will be lifted and purification will occur. There will be no eternal damnation nor lake of fire and brimstone. What that spirit is experiencing now is his own personal hell all he has to do is move on to get out of it. Explain that there are those around who can help him find the light and move into it. They are guides who are there to show the path and he needs to grab one of them by the hand and he will be lead into the place he has wished to go for so long.

That’s about all the advice I can give you (name redacted) based upon my experience. I hope it works for you. I know you have a good soul as you’ve prayed for those who need it. Your thoughts are all broadcast to the world and your intent is known. I believe that prayer is basically sending your intentions to the spirit world silently. They know your thoughts. You attract those who need help because you are trying to help those who need it, and unfortunately, in doing so, you attract some who need help but are too stubborn to get the help they need. Hopefully positive reassurance while calling on your guides will help this one spirit across.

Respectfully –


Not all those who communicate are lost, and not all negative spirits are demons.

If you would like to learn more about my views on crossing over spirits into the light, please refer to an earlier article on this site about crossing over spirits by myself, or the crossing over spirits article by Bruce Halliday.

Ghost Boxer Adriana has also had some experience with negative spirits and she offers advice in her article here.



  1. jewelsinme says:

    I just want to say I just found your website. I’ve gotten a PSB-7 and have been extremely successful in communicating with spirits. It’s almost overwhelming when you get solid replies back and you can no longer deny that this is REAL. I’ve had a few ask me for help so I read your first article. I had called for the light but I feel more confident in being able to do it after reading how it has worked for you multiple times. I came to this article next because about 4 days ago I had a really negative spirit coming through saying he was a demon from hell. I don’t personally believe in those either, but I was home alone and got spooked. Also a spirit decided to scare my cat during that session too. So now I DO feel more confident in handling this. Last night I pulled it back out and the replies were outstanding. I felt they were forming lines to talk because it was one after the other. When I said I was getting off for now, clear as a bell someone said “send them back”. It sounded like they were saying to send the ones coming, back the other way. Anyways, I am SO excited to be doing this type of work now, truly deeply happy. I feel it could even be part of a soul mission I’d set up for myself that I was not aware of until now. We shall see. Thanks for your articles and your hard work.

  2. jeff or ghostgrampa paranormal says:

    very good advice your article is. I too apply this in all my sessions, keep up the good advice for others

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