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Saint Patrick’s Day Session 2010 Help Compilation

by Adriana

Ghost Boxer Adriana has submitted the following evidence that was recorded on Saint Patrick’s Day 2010 for the Ghost Box community to evaluate.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2011 Ghost Box “Help” Compilation

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  1. Adriana says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement Cassandra! We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what we do here, we do it for the love of it, and it brings us immense gratification, knowing that we are all able to bring each other priceless knowledge and incredible hope, on this side and the other side as well. Thank you!!!!

  2. cassandra s says:

    I think what you guys do is great! Not only do you offer up evidence that spirits are real,and that they excist in our rhelm, but you also help them cross over when possible and you make it possible for their mesages to be heard….keep up the ‘awesome’ work~casandra j*

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