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Addressing the State of Ghost Box ITC Today

This post has been a long time coming…

by Tim Woolworth

I know that this post will have some personal blow-back and for that reason, I was reticent to write it. I may lose some “friends,” over this, but I am OK with that. This post is my personal viewpoint and in no way reflects upon any of the other contributors to ITC Voices. This is an unadulterated, multi-topic rant and I will not apologize for it, I am only doing it to shine a light on the nature of ghost box ITC today. This is not typical of the articles I publish on this site, but I feel deep down it needs to be addressed publicly rather than on a private group that only a select few belong to. This article is not addressed to a single person, but rather the ghost box ITC field in general.

I’ve been practicing ghost box ITC since 2009, and I have been immersed in the public world of ghost box ITC since early 2010. I started by joining the three main Yahoo Groups dedicated to the subject and a couple of other minor Yahoo Groups, but I quickly found that the conversations were spiteful at times and at other times, frenetic. I quietly bowed out from the Yahoo Groups when I got tired of the long rants and spiteful words between people – the balance between good audio, theory and discussion versus all of the bad was too off-kilter for me. I was glad that the Facebook Groups started to take hold at a time when I was fed-up with the groups and I was an eager early participant.

Then the discord began to bubble to the surface in the Facebook Groups and I backed away in early 2012 until about half a year ago when I decided to dip my toes in the water again to see how things were going. At first there was a single Facebook Group dedicated to ghost box ITC, and now every up-and-comer feels the need to create their own Facebook Group, subsequently there are more groups dedicated to ghost box ITC than I can count. Currently, I am seeing the same thing happening on the Facebook Groups today that led me away from the Yahoo Groups and the Facebook Groups early on.

I cannot understand why this keeps happening, so I am addressing it here.

The problem? There is no unison, no drive to connect everybody and their research (which is why this site was created). We have several disparate groups with different members all keeping to themselves; and it is in these small communities that the problems with this field are taking hold. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of ghost boxers out there trying to one up each other and in the process, often try to put down the work of others. We have ghost boxers saying that their way is the only way something should be done and all others are wrong. We have ghost boxers claiming things as fact as opposed to opinion. Worst of all, we have ghost boxers calling others out for simply doing what they do.

Simply put, we have a lot of toxic things that are wrong in the field today and if we cannot work these things out amongst ourselves, how can this field of ITC research ever be taken seriously by an outsider (or even worse, someone who is not involved in the paranormal community at all)?

We are a vast community with varying degrees of experience and like any community, we will not always agree on technique or subject matter, but the fact that we cannot have a general discussion on the topic without it becoming incendiary is a major problem. We have people new to the field (less than two years) who think that they have all the answers and think that they should be the moral compass that everyone should follow. We have people who just like to stir the pot to see what rises to the surface. We also have some great people in the field who do none of these things and are content to simply record ITC Voices through a ghost box.

I think that this strife between personas is pure ego and it needs to stop for the betterment of all.

Nobody has the right to dictate what other ghost boxers should or should not be doing. Period. We can have opinions, but voicing those opinions behind the backs of those in question (because they are not following or have been removed from a group) is ridiculous. Sometimes I feel that the ghost box ITC field is like a high school full of cliques.

That being said, there are certain things that we all seem to find universally repellent (with the exceptions of one or two people):

  • The selling of ghost box EVP’s to the general public (yes, this recently happened, a ghost box community outsider is selling CD’s of her ghost box EVP’s containing the voice Robin Williams supposedly speaking for $100)
  • Gouging of consumers is wrong – like charging $185 for a $30 dollar radio that has had 5 minutes of work put into it.
  • No one has all the answers and no one is allowed to call themselves an expert (the creed of this site since its original launch in April, 2010 is that There are no ghost box experts, but there are those with more ghost box experiences.); yet there are those who are strong voices in the community that dictate how things are supposed to be done.
  • Editing out words from audio clips without stating that the clip contains edited audio content. This is a tactic to make audio sound better but in fact, it creates a sentence as the ghost boxer sees fit and it ruins not only the credibility of the ghost boxer, but damages the field as a whole for producing false evidence (read the article about this topic here).
  • Charging ridiculous amounts for box readings, and then asking for more money later on for additional information to the box revealed.

Other than these few items, we basically all do the same thing (with a few exceptions of course).

Yet there seems to be an incessant need for discord. I feel that many ghost boxers who lash out are very unjust in their actions. It says more about the character of the attacker than the person being attacked.

These are words of wisdom for the entire field:

Instead of singling someone out for something you do not agree with and broadcasting it to the world, talk to them about it directly and move the field forward together. If you do not like any ghost boxers opinions or tactics, address him or her directly and discuss it. The field will never move forward if people cannot even be civil with one another. We have more arguments and negativity than we have progress.

We also have people decrying the attempt to reach dead celebrities. While it may be in poor taste for some (I often wonder whether the families of these celebrities are taken into consideration should they stumble upon such a session on YouTube), we all reach out to someone every time we do a session (albeit not a celebrity). I personally have never reached out to a dead celebrity, but I certainly have tried to reach Konstantin Raudive, Friedrich Jürgenson, Sara Estep and other ITC pioneers. I have tried to reach out to dead relatives. Hell, we all call upon someone dead when we address them through the box by asking them to speak. How is reaching out to a celebrity any different? Isn’t the main goal of ghost box ITC to try to communicate with the Others? Wouldn’t the voice of a celebrity coming through help to prove to the skeptics that what we are recording is real? If I were a celebrity, which by definition is a person to be celebrated, I would certainly speak up if someone were to call upon me after I die! Celebrities lived in the eye of the public and did interviews all the time and coming through a ghost box is a way for them to continue being in the public eye.

While I’m on the subject, I personally think that those trying to call upon Jesus or the archangels are in worst taste than those who try to reach somebody who was contemporaneous to our lives. We at least know what a celebrity sounded like and we can all agree that they existed.

As many of you know, I am a spiritual atheist and I think the notions of heaven, hell, angels and demons to be daft – this is my personal belief and I have explained my position on this in other articles. Yet, we have those who claim that every communication is from a demon, or worse yet, try to summon demons with their boxes! We also have people claiming that they are sending lost spirits to heaven!

I once saw a webisode of a paranormal group trying to talk to demons and they called what they were doing ghost boxing. That almost made me quit this site and communication with other ghost boxers in the ITC field entirely. In case you are not aware, the terms ‘ghost boxer,’ and ‘ghost boxing,’ in relation to the ghost box, originated on the original content of the home page of this site (ghost boxer is a combination of ‘ghost box’ and ‘ghost box researcher,’ which is what we used to be called; and ‘ghost boxing’ is simply the act of using a ghost box). To see the terms I implemented for this field so perverted by some jackass who wanted to summon a demon made me sick to my stomach at the time.

But it happens, and as much as I hate to say it, they had every right in the world to do a session like that and show it to the world. Moral responsibility and authority as a result of presence are things that not all ghost boxers are aware of, and some will never be aware of the impact a simple video can have on others.

There are certain things that happen in the field that make all of us turn our noses up in disgust. We cannot control what happens in the field, and as previously mentioned, we cannot even successfully discuss a topic without the flame wars occurring. Everybody gets way too butt-hurt, like I did with the demon summoners, and it is ridiculous.

We are in this because it is a passion of ours, so the focus should be upon getting the best damn communication possible and sharing with the world; we all communicate and we all hope to deepen the understanding of the field. With the state of the ghost box field today, we are struggling to move forward. The field will always be at a standstill until there is less hate being spewed than there is positive audio and/or video, theory and observations being posted.

I really admire those who stay away from the fray, there are a few of you out there and it is commendable. For every ghost boxer who simply cares about knowledge and communication, there are dozens who care more about feeding their own egos and breeding bitterness in the field. If you are one of the people who attack others in the field, please realize you are doing more bad than good. You are not only hurting the person you lash out at, you are hurting the entire field! Most of the paranormal community still views ghost boxers as outsiders who are crazy people talking to broken radios, and yet you give them more ammunition!

And finally, for my last rant about the field, the driving force behind this site: Unison and Research.

Most of the people in this field do nothing even close to ‘research.’ Putting a video online of a session is not ‘research.’ Research is documenting answers to questions, time and again, to see if they hold true – then having others perform the same experiment as you to see if they get the same results. Researchers add theory to the field to be discussed and improved upon. Considering the thousands of people out there with ghost boxes versus the number of articles published online containing new theory (or exploring ‘old’ theory) – it is simply staggering. Nobody is adding to the ghost box ITC field with the exception of a select few – yet most everyone calls themselves researchers and believes that they have all the answers.

This is why I created this site. It is a collecting of ideas, articles, hacks, audio and video. It was created to foster unison and push research forward. Very few people have embraced it for this purpose over the last few years. These few people are friends to the entire field. They realize that content is easily lost in a Facebook hole. They are not publishing books or doing TV shows. They are putting knowledge out there (whether it’s theory, a method or a schematic) for free. On this site, all content is stored and accessible for all, whether it be newcomers or old-timers (if there are any real old-timers out there considering this technology is still only 12 years old as of this writing and most people have only used ghost boxes for the last couple years or so). We have viable research going on right now, and yet, only a couple of people have stepped up to the plate to participate and those that I thought would embrace real research backed out when they realized how much work it would be.

There is no bickering here at ITC Voices because there is no forum to do that. It is simply all things ghost box written or recorded from the perspective of a ghost boxer. This site is for everyone to use, so once again, I call upon those ghost boxers who want to make a change in the field of ghost box ITC to use this site to:

  • Coordinate real research and proceed with it
  • Put a pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard, and write about your experiences, intuitions or knowledge
  • Share your audio and video
  • Move the field forward and share with not only current ghost boxers, but  set the standards for future ghost boxers to follow. Nobody should have to approach this field blindly when entering it for the first time.

And most importantly, stop the bitterness and in-fighting. Unison and cooperation are the only things that can help this field grow.

If you read the post to this point, I commend you.  Thanks.



  1. THANK YOU for your words. In my opinion, ego and diligent paranormal research do not mix. They are like oil and water. In order for this field to advance, we all need to respect each others’ methodologies, openly discuss and share data. I am disgusted by all of the ego, disrespect and exploitation of the deceased. It is absolutely horrible.

  2. issimae says:

    I’ve read this ‘article’ several times over, each read leads me to new perspectives. I understand the struggle of wanting to align with the correct people. I recently had to close down and refuse any connection with someone whom I considered to be a ‘close internet friend’ because, recently I found out my hard work wasn’t being credited and others were looking at my work through this other person thinking it was their work. (drama) It hurt on a certain level to pull away, but it was a necessary act for my own growth and research. In a way I believe this is why I was drawn back here today, to re-read this once again. It’s a sense of what I’m doing is ‘seeking the right people out’.
    I’ve felt the same way in regards to some videos I have watched. I truly believe It’s an ego. Attention seeking in a way. I’m not sure if this is making sense, but I hope it does. Many times over, I’m asked to please show on camera and my response for years has been, “What is important is on camera. For me it is about the research and not the researcher.” I’m happy to have found you through twitter and the many whom are aligned here, through your site. Thank you for your work and posting your findings.

  3. I’ve also witnessed this in every internet “community” that I’ve been a part of. I think it’s just the internet in general. It’s a lot easier to disrespect someone if you’re not looking at them in person. Excellent article. It applies to many internet communities.

  4. Adriana says:

    Tim, thank you so so very much for having the courage to voice these things here thoroughly. And another thing that I would like to air here is my own frustration with people who abuse this form of communication by overusing it, conducting sessions with an agenda, believing those on the other end of the device can be compelled/manipulated to say what you want to hear or procure knowledge for you at your will… and then calling this entire field a sham, when you find out that it doesn’t work that way, or it all backfires in your face.

  5. jonathan garaway says:

    Once again tim thank you for this article, I wish I could understand the negativity and why some are singled out. There is so much good to come from pure research and contact with those we communicate with. We could learn so much that would benefit all. As we are told many times what you put out you attract back. Hopefully all will read and act on such timely advice.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      One can only hope Jonathan. Thank you for reading.

  6. Russ says:

    Great article Tim, I concur with you. I’m new to Face Book and other public discussion forums, although I have been working with Spiritual Communication for a few years, which is also a short time I think your article was spot-on. We are all human, I think, lol, but if we all could keep the fussing private, maybe more new converts will get into Ghost Boxing. Ok gang, just my 2 cents, Good Hunting, Be Safe!!!!

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thanks Russ! Wherever there is a congregation of people there will be discord. I hope that out of this discord we can bring ourselves back into harmony. It is so detrimental and I hope that new ghost boxers will look past what is happening in the field today. There are still great Facebook Groups out there that try to push the field forward with the least amount of negativity (and spam), and they were the original groups that have well respected members of the community as contributors.

  7. John Wilson says:

    Thank you Tim for an awesome article!!! I am very new here and have had many help me out as to “how to begin” in this field…I have made some new friends here and I also agree that the bad mouthing of others in this field will not get any of us any further down this path…I also realize that not all people can get along all of the time…But, they can go to chat and work it out, or not…It just needs to not be so much of it on the boards for everyone to read, and then blown all out of portion…I enjoy reading post about the progress that everyone makes, even if only steps…It is still progress and with everyone trying to reach the same goals; someday the barrier will be broken and we can really talk to the people on the other side…

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Everything is incremental, John. We are making progress, but we could be doing so much more if people channeled their negative energy towards something positive. Some of the groups remind me of hyenas with a wounded animal, when a negative comment towards somebody is posted, a pack jumps on the comment and spreads the carnage around the field. That is so detrimental. There are good forums out there where this kind of stuff doesn’t occur (and there’s this site as well 🙂 ). Ghost boxing is a passion, a calling, and when people are passionate about something, bad things can easily happen.

      Nobody will ever get along all the time, I simply hope that the negativity (and those that are perpetually negative) ween themselves from the field and those who are making positive strides will balance out the negativity so prevalent today.

      Most of the people in this field are absolutely amazing individuals who care first and foremost about the work being done – and my hat is off to them. I respect them, and all who do good work. We have amazing techs, theorists, and those who simply record great contact. I hope that these people come out from behind the closed doors of the groups and bring their knowledge to the forefront so the public, and newcomers, can learn from their wisdom.

      Thank you for reading this, John.

  8. Mary Bethune says:

    It saddens me that this attitude still is prevalent. I have been an investigator and ghost boxer for 8 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how egotistical and selfish folks can be. I appreciate your thoughts and courage to speak up. It seems that as a ghost boxers we are held to a higher standard than those who don’t. Always irritates me!!!
    Those of us who are genuine in our work will always be brought together. As long as we continue to do ethical and honest work for the greater good, we will come out on top. Patience is a tough virtue.:)
    Thank you Tim.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Well said Mary, well said.

  9. Steve Hultay says:

    Great Article Tim…..Been trying to get unity for years. Most of the time i’m on my own, but I used to have Frank to bounce ideas off of and back me with support. It will be harder for me now, but not impossible to move this forward. All the hate in the field makes me want to quit, I have to limit myself to the facebook exposure. Too much “I created this or I did that first”…….I could care less, my intention was to get the word out that this was a real thing. People chose to exploit and make money from it, which I never did. And none of us can stop it now unfortunately.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you Steve!

      I know the struggles you’ve been through (at least over the last 5 years) with the ghost box field. You’ve been on the front lines for many a battle and it gets to be too much for one to handle, but yet you’ve persevered through it.

      I too got to the point where the negativity was too much and instead of limiting exposure, I pulled away completely and focused on ghost hunting and doing my own sessions for myself. I only conversed with Frank and a couple select others over this time. This site sat stagnant for almost two years and then I decided to come back around when I started searching out ghost boxing vids on YouTube and realized there were so many more people doing it these days. I logged back into the site and saw that I still had several people coming here a day so I knew that there was still a thirst for ghost box knowledge and I came back into the ghost boxer world half a year ago only to find that nothing has changed as to how we treat ourselves.

      I am glad that the ghost box forums are closed groups – if the public saw the kind of stuff that went on behind closed doors our field would be pushed into obsolescence because we cannot apparently agree on anything and are constantly biting each others necks.

      There are a few people who have been through this and still come back for more, repeatedly. People come and people go, and I for one am glad that you are one of the constant voices, Steve. Thank you for reading the post because you know exactly what I am talking about because you’ve seen it all.

      Thank you buddy.

  10. Ed says:

    Well Said!!!

  11. Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

    Outstanding article, Tim. I appreciate your candor. It all really needed to be said. Things have spiraled pretty far out of control in the ghost boxing field over the years. I deeply resonate with your values, and I’ve spoken out in the past about many of the points you brought up. The blatant profiteering and scam artistry makes me absolutely sick (as does the competition, self-service, and egoism). If somebody is involved in ITC for fame, popularity, ego, or profit then they’re in it for the wrong reasons (that goes without saying, in my opinion).

    There’s a major lack of selfless service, tact, integrity, and unity within the paranormal community. We’re all seeking the same answers, and we’re all passionate about the same general concepts. Personal agendas are subordinate in comparison to the big picture, and that’s something that a lot of people still need to realize. We should all be helping and supporting one another. All disharmony is good for is hindering progress, and ITC research will be in a state of perpetual stagnation if it continues. There will always be differences in opinion, but those differences can at least be respected.

    I also find it to be unfortunate that more people aren’t interested in the research side of ITC (collecting and analyzing data). It seems as though most people are content with skimming the surface of all of this and never asking the hard questions, theorizing, or delving into the details. They treat it very recreationally. I’d say that’s contributing to the lack of ITC progress as well. I’m beyond thankful for sites like yours, though. You’re focused on real research, selflessly spreading awareness, and helping people. Those are highly admirable ethics that everyone could learn a thing or two from.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you again Jeremy. This field is still in its infancy and people are just starting to take it seriously. Unfortunately, most of the individuals in the field have not done their homework. They have not read what the ITC pioneers have already said and accomplished and a lot of what new ghost boxer are now ‘discovering’ has already been figured out. you arWisdom comes from experience and knowledge. There are many wise people in this field and I hope that they too will start to theorize and move things forward.

      There will always be recreational users – hell, that is why we all got into this field in the first place. It was the “Oh, my name was said and this sounds cool,” experience we have all had. It takes time to move past things like that and into the harder questions.

      Regardless if you are an old hat or a newcomer, this form of communication is still a miracle and that is what still resonates with me everyday.

  12. I’ve always stayed away from the fray, and prefer to do ITC sessions on my own. While I know some people that do live ITC shows on youtube, my sessions would not be put on for public view as I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

    1. Saul says:

      The problem is most of the ghost boxers have no education in research and using the scientific method. Most don’t have a scientific credentials. Let’s face it anyone can watch a ghost hunting show and then buy a box and call themselves researchers. My point is not to knock on anyone because everyone has a purpose and a right to contribute the best they can. Is it possible to gather up the people who are in a field of science or have a degree in something science related and create a group just for advancing the field as we know it? It’s pretty challenging when we all live in opposite parts of the country or world. Who knows maybe one day we will all meet on the other side and form a group similar to timestream and help advance communication. Tim I know you and a select few have been doing experiments and that’s great! I took a break for a while for reasons I have discussed with you already on Facebook. After a couple of weeks away I feel a lot better now. To many people enter this field without any knowledge of the dangers. My obsession for this was so strong that I was depriving my job, family, and normal way of like. I think there’s not enough education of the dangers of this as well. Thanks for the article!

      1. ITC Voices says:

        Thank you Saul! We do not need scientific credentials – we just need to be more observant and document patterns more. Like your Techs that come through – that is a pattern. There are many who want to move the field forward and for these people I am eternally grateful. Everyone has a purpose and a right, you are completely correct on that, some of my observations have occurred by just watching other ghost boxers’ clips and seeing how they resonated with my own recordings. This field is full of great minds – but with great minds comes great egos – and that is what this article was about.

    2. ITC Voices says:

      I felt the same way for years, Charlie. When all the negativity got to be too much, I did my sessions and kept them to myself and I did not post anything on this site for almost 2 years as a result. I am glad I came back around though. Keep up the good work!

  13. Debby Casey says:

    Very well written and well said. Ego belongs no where in this field – everyone is looking for answers, responses and “proof” of, as you call them, the Others. If people in the field took their ego and jealousy out of the equation and worked together maybe ghost boxers would be taken seriously and not ostracized or laughed at within the rest of the paranormal field. No one is an expert – everyone is in the same boat, why not work together towards a common goal and unity as you suggest. Thank you for writing and posting!

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you Debby. I have called them the Others since day one because we can never truly be sure with whom, or what, we are talking to. I agree about Unity in the field, but there will always be detractors – that is part of human nature. I simply hope that the ego and negativity get pushed aside in order to move this field to the forefront of ITC which is where it belongs.

  14. Laura says:

    I commend you for writing this.
    I am a long time ITC Researcher over 25 yrs now. I knew the makers of Joes Box and Franks Box very well for years. They were fine good men who believed in the theory of Ying & Yang. Meaning, that with any kind of noise, spirits could use and manipulate the sounds. Hence, the ghost box’s out there.

    If taken the time; the need to document, record and document again and again to ensure they are getting proper validation of the whole and not some kind of pareidolia setting in (Pareidolia (/pærɨˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant.) This has been known to happen to unstable people who may have issues with personality disorders all the way to schizophrenia. As a researcher, and my fellow colleagues, we take this seriously and make sure we ourselves are not caught up on those issues.

    Spirit is very patient, and they are waiting for the right ones to help them facilitate that communication.
    But, ego is human and as long as there is excessive ego and greed, no amount of trying will connect them to the other side. Limited ego is what is needed to gain knowledge or perspective of what beholds us when we all go there.
    What I have learned Tim, is to keep things in the negative at bay. Spirit is talking to you..and you are listening. I am glad to know that.
    Keep up the good work. Stay focused, is all I can say and persevere, even if it’s just a few of you. It only takes ONE voice to connect and share……always remember that. With all the lower entity’s hanging out with lower energies as humans, you will always have a quagmire of fighting, flared emotions, massive ego’s and greedy folks wanting more to try to satisfy an empty hole. As spirit said so wisely to me, it’s nothing personal….just business. So, what they are saying is, they know and knew lower energy people will jump on board. What you can do is rise above it, select folks with the same resonating energies and like minds as you have and do the passion you desire to do with whatever equipment that makes you happy and fulfilled.
    We can’t save the world….but, we can calm down and keep trying in subtle ways.
    Be well my friend, may you be blessed…..and think positive and move forward with the tools I have shared with you. ~ Laura

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you for your input, Laura. There are a few of us out there who resonate and receive communication from higher entities regularly. Most communication is lower energy souls and I agree with you wholeheartedly on all points. Thank you for taking the time to respond so eloquently.

  15. Tom Forsythe says:

    Being new to many aspects of this I can relate. Excellent article Tim and thank you

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you for reading it, Tom. Hopefully, things will change for the better.

      1. Tom Forsythe says:

        I’ll do my part. Thanks again

  16. Mark Coultous says:

    Very well written.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you for reading it, Mark.

  17. julie weller says:

    Yes Tim I have noticed all the negative people’s comments and it makes me sad to see how people act, how can anybody take any of our research serious if they see how everyone is one upping each other? Mr Steve Huff is who got me interested in ghost boxing, and I love the love he has for paranormal research, but I mainly love the respect he shows the other side, and this side too!

    1. ITC Voices says:

      Thank you Julie. Steve is a great colleague and has always been cordial with me, I don’t get it either. There are many great ghost boxers out there who show respect to the other side, many of them treat the Others better than they treat their own living colleagues.

  18. Thank you for writing this. Some of this has caused me a lot of headaches over the past few months.

    1. ITC Voices says:

      I know Greg – this has given me headaches for years. I used to commiserate with Frank about this stuff, but now that he is gone, I think writing it down was the only way to relieve myself of some of the built up stress this stuff causes me.

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